Saturday, 19 July 2014

1000 Flowers for the Planet - # 249 De-Sex Your Dog

1000 Flowers for the Planet - # 249 De-Sex Your Dog

Much loved by many, the domestic dog is sometimes a controversial animal. For those who are in love with their faithful friends, ensure you love your dog enough to have it de-sexed and prevent unwanted litters of puppies. Some people think that owning a dog is all about the fun or the prestige, or that they make a cute accessory. This is not responsible pet ownership.
Owning a dog is a privilege, and owners should be responsible enough to have their beautiful hound de-sexed at the appropriate age. There are so many unwanted dogs out there adding to the problem of feral dogs who threaten our wildlife. The Christmas season always creates a dramatic increase in the number of dumped dogs (and cats) that were temporary presents for children whose parents gave them a poor life lesson in the treatment of animals. Dogs are not a commodity. They are living, breathing creatures, and they deserve better.
Be responsible. De-sex your dog.

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Susan Rowland said...

This is so true for all the reasons you list, Margaret. Another is that some councils offer a discount on your dog's registration fee if he/she is desexed and/or microchipped and/or are trained & have documentation from a reputable obedience class! More money savings if you're taking that into account.