Friday, 30 July 2010

Way too much going on in my life

Naturally I meant to blog immediately after the Craft Fair but I have to say, so much has happened I feel like I'm running but not going anywhere.

The radio interview was fine - there was plenty of room for improvement on my part. I didn't even mention the titles of my books! However, I did learn plenty about the process and what I will and won't do next time around.

The Craft Fair was fantastic. Again, I did have a down side, which was that I was very sick with a cold. It came on the first day, Thursday and on Friday the headache was quite bad. I did manage to see the doc and get antibiotics, because of course, I had ears and throat infections. I was so chilled to the bone it took me 5 hours with the heater on full, doors closed and a quilt over me before I warmed up.
Enough of that. The gals at Blue Willow Cottage looked after me very well and I met and spoke with so many people. I did my talk every day, mostly winging it, and felt quite happy with how it all went. I get very nervous about speaking to numbers of people. That's why I chose writing as a career and not public speaking. On the last day my husband taped my talk and looking at it later that night was extremely surreal. The way I appear on the video is not one bit like the way I feel on the inside. It's not how I see myself at all. But it must be how others see me. It's quite a strange feeling. The fair was great, and I wish I could have seen more of it for myself, but I concentrated on meeting my readers. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat with me, and those who purchased my books. Enjoy. Have fun. And don't forget to work on your bucket lists.
If anyone missed out you can email me direct to buy the books at

This week we put our baby girl (age 20 mind you) onto a plane to Germany for a holiday. It is her first time overseas, and her first trip alone. She was met in Germany by a male friend (thankfully), but I was anxious about the flight with a stopover in Dubai for a change of plane. Her instructions were to text us as soon as she arrived so we knew she was there safely, but 24 hours more passed by before we knew anything, and that came via someone else. SO we are having problems with our phones receiving text from Germany and one phone company is blaming the other provider. Aaagh. We rang our daughter and spoke with her so know she's fine, but she was very sick on the flight over. Poor kid. It's hard being a mum. Now I know how my own mother felt when I went overseas on my own age 23 (a couple of years ago, lol).

So with all this happening and fitting in my paid work hours (as opposed to writing hours which are as yet quite unpaid) I received news this morning that an auntie is in palliative care.

So many emotions.

By the way, The Caroline Challenge Quilt was finished last week, and this week I have gone over it to make any alterations and corrections. Today I will send it to my friend for editing. Even that didn't go according to plan - the printer wouldn't do as commanded despite half and hour and several pieces of paper attempting to make it print on both sides. Technology! aaagh.

Gotta laugh.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Going on Radio!

Wow! This rollercoaster ride has some real hot spots. Last week I was interviewed by a lovely young journalist at the Leader newspaper and had my photograph taken for an article that will be in the paper coming out tomorrow. Yesterday I was contacted with a request to go on radio. How exciting ... and a little bit nerve-wrecking.

I will be on 3RRR, 107.2FM at 10:00 am Wednesday 21 July.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Speaking at Melbourne Craft Fair

I have been very fortunate to have two wonderful things happen to me: The lovely ladies, Chrissie and Rhonda at Blue Willow Cottage have again invited me to be a guest at their stall at the upcoming Craft Fair in Melbourne. Through these good ladies I have also been given a spot in the workshop programme to give a talk at 12:30 each day. I will be in Workshop 3, 12:30 pm each day Thursday to Sunday the 22-25 July, Craft Fair, Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Before and after my talk you can catch up with me at the Blue Willow Cottage stall, E35, where I will be doing book signings. You will be able to buy both The Maria Challenge Quilt and The Elizabeth Challenge Quilt, as I recently had both books reprinted. They sold out at the Quilt Convention in April! Wasn't that great! Thanks for everyone's support.
Now, time for me to go and do something with these buckets - they will be at my talk at the Craft Fair. See you there!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Do People Change?

Recently I have been confronted with the concept that 'people change'. It has had me thinking very deeply about whether or not I believe this statement. Initially my heart wanted to believe it is true, that people can and do actually change. Sometimes it is even possible to provide what appears to be evidence that change has occurred. In the end I came to a conclusion:
People do not change - but life provides experiences that reveal a person's essence.
The basic essence of a person doesn't change. What occurs is a layering of events as one travels through the multiple experiences of life and these experiences allow us to reveal our essence. For example, someone who survives a major traumatic event does so because they essentially have the ability to do so. They reveal to themselves and others the power to overcome, which was within them all the time, untested. What we see as positive events, like being shot to stardom as a singer, for example, will also reveal the essence of a person in how they handle the experience. The result will always come from whatever was within that person anyway.
So no, I don't believe people change. I believe what we are capable of will unravel naturally when faced with different experiences; that we can only react to things in ways that come from deep within us; that we can even surprise ourselves with the way we pull through a situation, calling on energy from deep within that we didn't know we had, until we were tested. This can be perceived as change, but it is not change, it is something that was there all the time and just needed the right 'experience' to bring it out. I don't believe people can do more than they are capable of doing, but most of us don't know the depth of that capacity.
But it's all semantics.