Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Having fun with Dresden

After reading about the request for Quilts for Japan I spent a couple of days pondering what type of quilt to make. I decided to use bright fabrics to make the most cheerful quilt possible. Already working with brights for my Marmalade quilt I thought using the leftovers would be a good idea and found the perfect pattern at The Patchwork Teahouse (my happy place). The pattern is called Dresden Star and the white points are actually folded and sewn into the seam. I am having a lot of fun making this. I have no idea what the finished quilt will look like, but it will just grow out of love for my fellow human beings.

Friday, 25 March 2011

All Petalled Out

Have been busy cutting out Vliesofix petals for my 'Marmalade' quilt. Unfortunately using right handed scissors means a leftie like me gets serious pressure dents on my thumb and forefinger.

 This is what I am working on.  I love the fabrics, having recently been more and more attracted to 'brights'.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Super Moon in Melbourne

Listening to the news this evening I learned that Melbourne would experience a "Super Moon" tonight at dusk. We have not seen this phenomenon at Melbourne in over two decades, when the moon would look much larger than normal. Unfortunately I did not heed the words of our illustrious newsreader, Jennifer Keyte, when she foretold the event would be magnificent as the moon rose over the horizon just after 7:00 pm. I was half an hour too late when I went out to photograph the event. The moon had risen too high for me to see it at its best effect. But here it is between the gum trees at the local primary school a couple of streets away from my home.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Sun was too Bright (hence - I need a light box!)

I was tracing another block pattern for my Amelia Challenge Quilt when the sun came over the treetops and blinded me. Hubby's caps are usually (annoyingly) on the chair next to where I was standing - but not today. I had to venture into the garage (aka 'his cave') to borrow his gardening hat to shade my eyes from the glare so I could continue my work. Ten minutes later - accomplished.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Decorated Journal

I was so inspired by a friend's decorated journals I had to do my own. It started with a piece of scrapbooking paper I found recently to which I added fabrics. From left to right: beautiful red silk, a strip of white antique braid, the scrapbook paper, and a piece of black brocade (unfortunately you cannot see the gorgeous texture of the black fabric). There are four keys - my husband's surname is 'Keys' so they are completely appropriate =). One key is a little diary key, one is my DH old FC Holden (no longer living), the next is DH family home front door key (house no longer there) and the fourth is to the front door key to our first marital home together.  I finished it all off by tying scrap pieces of the red and black fabrics to the spiral binding.
This is not as good as my friend, Marion's journals, which inspired it in the first place. I'd love you to see hers at

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Xmas in March - fabrics delivered to my door

Xmas knocked on my front door this morning when the delivery man came with a box from The Fat Quarter Shop. Daughter and I had a fabulous time pulling out all the beautifully wrapped parcels and discovering what was there. I can't express enough how fantastic the service was - I ordered on Saturday (Melbourne time) and it was delivered Thursday. There was even an envelope with "Thank You" printed on it. How nice.
 Even Mischief, our cat, was able to benefit from the delivery.
Now ... to get sewing =)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

February Lost

Would somebody please tell me where February went????????