Sunday, 26 May 2013

Prattle House 1415

BIG NEWS!! I am publishing my children's novel, Prattle House 1415. However, I need your help. I'm asking you to support my project by making a pledge on Pozible. There are several rewards for you to choose from, and in so doing you will help me raise the funds I need to have the book printed in paperback and hardcover. 
This is a fantastic adventure story for children aged up to 99, about twins, William and Elizabeth who find passports in a secret library which enable them to travel in time. They go back to the year 1415 where they find they are invisible to all except young Hugh Calthorpe, squire to the great knight, Sir Thomas Erpingham. Together the three friends travel across the English Channel with King Henry V and his mighty army of knights and English archers, and take the town of Harfleur by seige. Later they witness the great battle of Agincourt.
Please help me launch this amazing story so young people everywhere can enjoy reading history and feel like they are part of the adventure.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Little Free Library

DD and I were driving around the neighbourhood yesterday when we came across what appreared to be an oversized letterbox. As I drove past, DD exclaimed really loudly "It's a Little Free Library!" I quickly did a U-turn and we went back to investigate.
I learned that around the world there are thousands of these community projects, and in Australia we have only 4 - yes four. One of those four is in Florence Street, Blackburn, where Trish (pictured) has  launched her free library only a week ago. There is no lock on the box. People may come and take a book to read, then when they are finished, return it to the box and take another. They may also leave comments in a notebook.
I've donated one each of the four books in The Australian Challenge Quilt Series, which Trish is holding in this photo. 
What a fantastic idea for the community: sharing, recycling, reusing, and importantly - making the written word available to people. Thanks Trish.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Last Saturday, 4 May I was guest speaker at the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of the Colac Quilters. Colac is down in the western district of Victoria - see The Caroline Challenge Quilt. What a fantastic night we had! My husband came with me so we could have a mini weekend away together, and he was also welcomed by all the ladies at the celebratory dinner. One lady approached him during the pre-dinner drinks and said, "You're a man! Why are you here?" DH replied that he was here with me, and pointed across the room at me. The lady walked away puzzled until eventually she understood that I was the guest speaker, and the penny dropped.
DH was given many compliments as he helped me throughout the evening. He held up all the quilts for the ladies to see - most useful. Everyone made us feel extremely welcome, and their President, Lyn reminds me of Jane Campbell in the books, who steers the ship with a masterly hand and without fuss. Nor does she try to outshine anyone. She's a wonderful asset to the Colac Quilters. They're a warm and inviting group.
Happy Anniversary Colac Quilters.

Goodye Mischief

So much has been happening in my house since I last posted, all very challenging, but the worst day of my life was on 19 April when we said goodbye to our beautiful cat, Mischief. Reading my last post, it was almost prophetic. I do miss our gorgeous Mischief so very much and the tears are streaming as I type. People who have pets know that they are really members of the family and will understand what my family has been going through. In this photo Mischief is sitting on my sewing bench. I'll never forget her and I'll always miss her.