Saturday, 26 January 2013

Ann's quilt top is finished

Yesterday I finished the quilt top for Ann's quilt, as described in The Amelia Challenge Quilt. In the novella, Ann is inspired by the ceiling of the Bendigo Town Hall, here in Victoria, Australia. The fabric range is 'Etchings' by Moda, and I have used the architectural fabric for the border. Here is a close-up:
DH thinks this is the best colour combination I've ever used in a quilt to date. I'm grateful for his enthusiasm for my work, but I couldn't select just one quilt I've ever made to be my favourite. How about you?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sad Bilby, Happy Stitcher

Two months ago I was really struggling to do free motion machine embroidery. Today I cracked it! I am so pleased with my little bilby. He is for an art piece for a competition coming up very soon, and I knew he would be the hardest part for me to create. Now I can get on with the easy bit - as a happy stitcher.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sashing for Ann's quilt

I have begun piecing the grey sashing, which is one inch wide. The last couple of days have been too busy for sewing but I am about to get back to that machine right now. Hopefully the next blog will show you a finished quilt top. Let's see how I go.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Progress on Ann's Quilt

Towards the top of the photo you can see how the blocks are beginning to form. Each 4-patch block is made up of four different fabrics, and these will be divided by grey sashing, yet the fabrics will still form their own square across that sashing. It will become clear when I've added the sashing. Six of the blocks will remain as one fabric, one of each of six different patterns from the Etchings range by Moda, more specifically the architectural drawings and maps. Am happy with the progress.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ann's Quilt

It's hard to take a good photo of what's on my design wall because of its location in the passage. I had to step inside my daughter's room to take this shot, but at least you can see what I'm up to. This is the beginnings of Ann's quilt, as described in The Amelia Challenge Quilt. The range is Etchings by Moda, which I fell in love with last year and simply had to have. These are the sorts of fabrics my husband loves, so my guess is that he he will claim this quilt when it's finished. Stay tuned for progress posts.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Artwork at Brunswick Street Gallery

It's Time to Watch What we Do I, II and III

These pieces are actually out of order and as they sit are II, Animal Cruelty ; I, Computer Waste ; III, Water Pollution. They are made with clock and watch parts couched onto hand-dyed cotton. Each watch face has a photograph in it depicting the topic. Animal Cruelty is quite confronting. We went to the gallery to see my pieces and how they sit amongst so much other art. Many pieces were unframed works on paper, some showed great talent for drawing, others great ability to paint. I walked around the gallery noting that only one person's work had sold, and wondered why. Was there too much to look at in one place? My thoughts on why my own work didn't sell is because it is statement art and way too confronting for people to want to take home and put on their wall. I can see that if I want to sell art, I'll have to make pieces that people 'like' - perhaps because they're pretty, definitely not works that make people uncomfortable. 
Here is some perspective on how my work looked in situ.