Friday, 20 January 2012

Owl Apron

Before Xmas DD and I were in Spotlight and saw a shop assistant wearing this owl apron. DD loves anything with owls these days, and we luckily found the bolt of panels as we were leaving. It has been sitting near my sewing area for weeks because I didn't have the quantity of plain red fabric in my stash that I thought I had. I sat down and considered what I could do differently, looked in my stash and found this rooster fabric. DD is extremely keen on chooks, so this became the obvious solution for the lining. Now it's a double sided apron.
As she will be using it for bookbinding, I anticipate it will be covered with glue by next Xmas.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Another Quilt from "The Amelia Challenge Quilt"

One of the characters makes this quilt in the next novel - The Amelia Challenge Quilt. Can you guess who it is? Unfortunately it's not a great photo and my red design wall doesn't help matters much. The colours are very rich and golden. The fabrics are from a range called 'Florentine'. Am not sure how to have this quilted yet.
P.S. re the possum we saved last week. The vet put him down. They said he had an injury to his stomach area and he wouldn't have recovered well enough to survive in the wild. We didn't notice any such injury and think he was put down because he was a brush tail possum. :(

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Possum rescue

Bad luck turned unto good luck for this little fellow. I came home mid morning to find this furry ball curled up in the middle of the back lawn. He is a brush tail possum, probably a teenager because he is not full grown. They are very aggressive compared with ring tail possums so I wasn't keen to pick him up. My daughter rescued him for me. Without fear she patted him and he must have been too sick to care. He did not appear injured, but the neighbour had poured citronella into her pond to keep away the mosquitos and perhaps this possum had drunk the water. Maybe he had a very bad stomach ache. While he waited for DD, I put a box over him to give him a dark space and popped a plum on the grass in front of him. He ate it. Then he was taken to the vet where they'll fix him up and put him with a wildlife carer until he is well enough to go bush again. And even luckier for him that this all happened yesterday when it was a pleasant day, for today has been a multiple of deluges, with fast, driving rain and plenty of wind. Good luck little possum.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New York Beauty

The five days before Xmas were my second marathon as I made this quilt for my Mum. I had done a class at Michelle's Sewing Basket in Ringwood, with tutor Lesa Seegel. The aim was to improve my curves. I learned that I was better at it when sewing by hand than by machine, but still rather poor workmanship. Fortunately Mum loves anything I do. These were the best photos I could get considering I was on my own at the time. (Haven't trained the cat to hold up a quilt for me yet!) This quilt was made using scraps of blue fabric from my blue Giant Dahlia.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Table Runner for Horse Lovers

Happy New Year. I love a new year. I always make lots of plans, write lists and set a lot of goals. I bought a fantastic new diary called "Mi Goals Diary". Check them out here. It's the best diary I have ever had.
There has been a lot for me to blog about lately, but I haven't made the time. I'll start with a few catchup blogs. Two weeks before Xmas I had a 3 day marathon in which I made a table runner for people who are horse lovers. The dresden star has folded points (the white pieces) sewn into the seams. It's a lot of fun to make. I included these blocks in my Quilt for Japan earlier in 2011.