Friday, 28 August 2009

New Phase Day 15

Here I am at the end of the third week and things are looking pretty good. I took it a little easier today - actually I got sidetracked doing some genealogy research for a friend. I always lose all track of time when I'm doing that. It's a great feeling. I found lots of things and was busy writing down lists of names and dates and registration numbers.
Book related work was limited to buying a new ink cartridge and finishing the printing of the novel for daughter to proofread. I also received three enquiries about how to purchase a copy of The Maria Challenge Quilt. It's nice talking to people who are interested in my books and are keen to read them. What a fantastic feeling to finish the week with.

New Phase Day 14

Finished reading through for the first edit and sent it off to my editor, poor thing. She has very little time to work through it if I'm to take it to the printer by the end of next week. I also sat down and did some letter writing and started printing out a copy to proofread but ran out of ink.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New Phase Day 13

The next step after finishing writing my book is to read right through it and make any corrections I wish to make. I managed to read 66% today and have sore eyes from reading a computer screen all day. Will be able to finish it in the morning though.
I thought I might have to change the day of the book launch because I have to go into the city for a meeting that day at 2 o'clock, but ten minutes of chatting with my daughter and I talked myself into keeping the date. There were too many reasons not to change it. However, it does mean I will have to be very smart about the way I prepare for the launch because a huge chunk will be taken out of my day, and not going to the meeting is not an option.
It'll work. I'll make it work.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New Phase Day 12

I'VE FINISHED WRITING MY BOOK. It only took another 1,000+ words today to finally reach the end of my story. I feel very accomplished. Now I need to proof, proof, proof, edit, proof some more and then desktop publish, print and market. Not much to do! I love doing this stuff. It makes me feel good.
This afternoon was patchwork group with my friends and I worked on my Elizabeth Challenge Quilt. That will be the next challenge as I try to finish the quilt in time for the book launch on 3 October. It's booked in with the machine quilter so I have another deadline to meet. Deadlines are just times you set to make your dreams come true.

Monday, 24 August 2009

New Phase Day 11

Where did the day go!? Time did not seem to be on my side today as I ran out of it very quickly. I wrote over 2,700 words, which in itself is very good. I was only disappointed because I expected to finish the book today, and probably would have done so if I had not needed to fit in washing, ironing and work. Tomorrow is another day wherein I expect to complete the novel. Then I can start proofreading. No doubt I will make some changes - there are already a few in my mind to be made.
I received two cheques in the mail for books already despatched to library suppliers. There's a good reason to smile. And last night I received an enquiry from New Zealand about Maria. News is spreading.

New Phase Day 10

I didn't blog on Friday evening because I was enjoying myself at a wedding. We had a lovely time indeed, at Poet's Lane in Sherbrooke Forest (in the hills outside Melbourne). The venue was exceptionally nice, the food was very good indeed and the bride and groom seemed incredibly happy - it was a joy to watch. We were even given the pleasure of the groom and a couple of mates having a jam session. The star of the show, however, was a real crawler. A bald male dressed in a blue suit with white shirt and red bow tie. He was the best dressed lad in town - and was about nine or ten months old! He was so gorgeous he stole all our hearts and his little grow suit that looked like a real suit was a gem. He was a happy little chap and provided quite a bit of entertainment.
Meanwhile, I had managed to type another 2,200 words for The Elizabeth Challenge Quilt - work before pleasure. Not that I can call writing 'work'. It's a lot more fun than going to the office. Am very close to the end of the book now.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

New Phase Day 9

Another positive day with a total of over 2,300 words. I surprised myself actually - the first 1,000 didn't come easily making it rewarding to see I had achieved so many by the end of the day. I also received, and posted off, two book orders. I confirmed with the printer that he has my job booked in for the 1st September and I am mulling over the book launch details in the back of my mind. Am VERY close to finishing now.

New Phase Day 8

Another successful day with over 3,100 words written. I wrote a very emotional scene today which I found quite draining but I was very happy with it when I finished. I'm very close to the end of the book now. Perhaps another two chapters, maybe three. I really need to finish by the end of the week if I'm to get it to the printer on time.

Meanwhile, a little story of why I should not work in the garden (apart from the fact that I really don't like gardening). I had a packet of Flanders poppies that needed to be planted and thought the bed by the front step would be the perfect spot. It needed weeding and tidying up first so I did that then fetched a rake to pull back a layer of soil and mulch. The packet said there were a wopping 7,250 seeds so I figured I wouldn't have any problems filling the whole area of approximately 1.2m x 0.5m with that many seeds. Soil duly raked back I ripped open the packet and took a look inside. The seeds were miniscule which sort of confirmed the idea that there might be 7,250 seeds therein. The plan was to sprinkle some in one spot, cover them with soil and do the next spot until I'd reversed myself out from the corner back to the footpath. I gave a little sprinkle starting in the corner and POOF - all the seeds were gone from the packet. I stared into the packet in disbelief. Where did they all go? All 7,250 of them! Obviously all in the very corner of the garden bed. And being so small there was no hope of 'seeing' where they were. I tried spreading them around by rubbing my hands over the spot I thought they might be, then with resolution I covered them up and watered them in. I expect in 90 days we'll have a very pretty CLUMP of Flanders poppies tucked into the corner of the garden bed! Ho Hum.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

New Phase Day 7

I have heard recently that when a new CEO takes up his/her position it is said they will make their mark in the first 100 days. Hence it is common to find them counting down those days. Perhaps if I do it too I will be able to see the difference 100 days make. My aim, however, was to make myself accountable to someone or something and if I think people are reading my blog then I feel duty-bound to give them something to read each day. It's a theory.
Today I managed 1,500 words. This was not what I'd aimed for but when I consider I spent most of the day working in a voluntary capacity on a different project then 1,500 words is okay. I have a whole day to write tomorrow - so long as I don't allow distractions. I also had a phone call from a lady wanting to order a copy of Maria.
BTW - the 100 day thing reminds me of the 1969 movie, Anne of the Thousand Days with Genevieve Bujold as Anne Boleyn and Richard Burton as King Henry VIII. There is a scene where Anne is imprisoned in the tower awaiting her execution and counts out these little sticks that represent the days she was Queen. I saw it again recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. (I love Tudor history!)

Monday, 17 August 2009

New Phase Day 6

I took the weekend off, although I probably should not have done so. Today I made up for it by writing over 3,000 words. I'm happy with that. I also surfed the 'net to research catering for the book launch in October and concluded that it was going to cost a huge amount to have caterers in. Looks like the best thing in regards to my budget is to do it myself. I know what I want to serve, making the planning easy enough. That's one thing off the list of things to do.

Friday, 14 August 2009

New Phase Day 5

Not many words today - only 700. But that's 700 more than yesterday. I also sent off some advertising material to Quilters Companion for the November issue. That was a real positive as well as being the point of no return. I'll have to get the book printed and launched by October as planned. Nothing like a bit of pressure to keep a girl honest. I also received an order via email. All together a successful day and a good week.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

New Phase Day 4

Very little steps forward today. I didn't even reach 500 words and am not sure I'll even keep them - the delete button may be used on them tomorrow. I did manage to put together the cover for The Elizabeth Challenge Quilt with the help of my daughter and her good camera.

New Phase Day 3

Received another order in the mail and managed to write 3,000 words. A successful day.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

New Phase Day 2

Managed to write 1,400 words today putting me half-way into Chapter 9. Was happy enough with that. Today was patchwork day with my private group and I worked on my Elizabeth Challenge Quilt. Have more than enough of the quilt done for the cover of the book, which I need to put together tomorrow for advertising purposes. Feeling positive about things even though my deadlines are looming.

Monday, 10 August 2009

First day of the new phase

I've recently changed things in my life to allow me to work on my writing more. This meant resigning from one of the two paid jobs I have, a decision which will have financial consequences but which I feel is the leap I need to take over that chasm in order to reach my goal. Now my days are better organised. I start and finish paid work at the same time each day leaving me free to work at my writing and self-marketing during the day. It's a good feeling.
Today I finished a difficult chapter with a sigh of relief. There was nothing hard about the writing of it, only that it was a chapter that had to be researched thoroughly in order to have my facts correct. It certainly wasn't my aim to instruct the reader in a particular field but the reader does deserve to have the right information. Besides, I love learning about new things, or adding to my current knowledge. Now I can move on with the rest of the story.
I also applied for the ISBN today. This is always exciting because it makes the process feel very real. It is one step towards making the story a tangible book. And I received another order in the mail which will be posted out this afternoon.
All in all a very satisfying start to the 'new phase'.