Thursday, 14 May 2009

Great Ideas

I went to the publishing seminar mentioned in my last blog and it was a great day. Most of the day was taken up with topics I already knew about from experience - how to develop an idea, how to write, approaches to writing, how to get your book printed, costs that might be involved - all of this I have done several times before. What interested me most was the last session for the day, on marketing. With my book, The Maria Challenge Quilt available to the public and through some patchwork shops, I needed some ideas for more publicity. Strangely enough my biggest idea came from a session that had nothing to do with marketing. It came when a speaker made one little statement which sent my mind flying in fantastic directions, full of ideas for how I could promote my children's novel.

In my last blog I complained about the mainstream publishing world. Now I have a new perspective and believe more in myself and what I can achieve. I will self-publish my childrens book and I have a really quirky way to promote it. I'm not going to give away my ideas here, but when the time is right lots of people will soon be hearing about me and my Prattle House series.

Meanwhile, I'm off around the state for a driving holiday and on the way I intend to visit lots of patchwork shops to promote my book, The Maria Challenge Quilt (and just quietly, I'll probably spend some money in the patchwork shops too!). My husband and I are having our first holiday alone together since our honeymoon 22 years ago. We are really looking forward to it. Our route is the Great Alpine Road and we will be staying in beautiful B&Bs - one is a mansion and one is a castle! Keep posted for an update when I return.