Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Fear Passed

My recent fear of sitting down at the computer to write seems to have finally passed. Thankfully. Now I can move forward and complete the novella I am working on.
This tree is at Fernshaw, at the bottom of the Black Spur, where a pleasant barbeque area is located. The tree was planted in commemoration of a visit to Fernshaw by the Duchess of York on 15 May 1901 - we were there on 15 May 2010. Love serendipity.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Writer's fear

Writer's fear. What is it?
Lately I have had immense difficulty in making myself sit down at my computer to write. I will do anything to avoid it - clean the bathroom, clean the toilet, loads of washing, washing floors. Then there are the more damaging, less useful ways to avoid writing - play computer games, watch TV. I haven't even avoided my writing by sitting and sewing! There is a serious problem afoot!
In trying to work out what my problem is, I can only conclude that I am fearful this third book in the Australian Challenge Quilt Series will not be as good as the first two. I'm afraid I will let my readers down. Anything I do type I feel unhappy with.
So I asked my husband to read what I have written to date and give me an opinion. He said it was as good as everything else I have written. Why don't I believe him? How do I overcome this immense brick wall in front of me?
I should take a leaf from the gum tree I photographed at Marysville last weekend. Despite the raging firestorm of Black Saturday last year, and even though the outside of the trees are all charred black as night, the leaves are growing wherever they can, strong and green. I need to be like the burned trees, and the people of Marysville - fight back with confidence and cheerfulness; keep on going and in the end I will succeed.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

AQC at Royal Exhibition Building

I spent three days at the Australasian Quilt Convention at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne and met lots of wonderful women who came to talk to me and buy my books.
It was an honour to sign everyone's copies and I do hope they enjoy the stories I tell. There was no point in me attending the convention on Sunday - I sold out of books!
Thanks to everyone for their support. And a big thank you to all the gorgeous ladies from Blue Willow Cottage who looked after me.
Isn't the Exhibition Building beautiful? I think they have done a wonderful job of doing it up and it is one of Melbourne's jewels.