Tuesday, 15 July 2014

1000 Flowers for the Planet - #245 Eliminate Drafts

1000 Flowers for the Planet - #245 Eliminate Drafts

Another way to save energy use and reduce household costs is to eliminate drafts from your home so the hot air you pay for doesn’t pour out through the gaps in your home. It may be as simple as putting a draft stopper at the front and back doors. You could also add some sealing tape around the door frames to make them tighter and keep drafts at bay. Windows can be a major source of heat loss and double glazing is an ideal solution, but if you can’t afford that, there are insulation films that are a much cheaper option. For further window insulation solutions, check out your local hardware store. Curtains will definitely help keep the warm air inside where you want it, so long as they pull right across the window area. If worst comes to worst, place a towel along the bottom of the window or door where you can feel the draft entering until you can find or afford a more permanent solution. The permanent solution will obviously rid you of the problem and assist in efficient energy use within your home, reducing carbon emissions and putting more money in your pocket.

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Susan Rowland said...

It's very strange that this is your post for today - this afternoon I looked at our back & side doors and thought "We need door-snakes." So I picked up some chunky yarn (left over from an afghan for our daughter) and oversized needles and have spent some hours today knitting the first of two door-snakes! I'm about half way done, and plan to fill an old stocking leg (not laddered!) with kitty litter to put in the knitted snake. Just weird that you posted about draught stoppers today of all days! :)