Wednesday, 24 June 2009

So much news!

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind since my last blog. We went on our Great Alpine Road holiday and had a brilliant time. The mansion, Kilmany Park near Sale was absolutely stupendous. Actually it set us up for a bit of a fall because it was so magnificent that nothing could compare with it after that. Out host, Daryl was wonderful, and we had the whole place to ourselves for the first day. What a great place to stay and unwind. Next we stayed at Tara House in Bairnsdale which was also very beautiful with a great host. Omeo has the Golden Age Motel (Mark IV) which was comfortable and friendly and had nice views. The castle followed, and after looking forward so much to a couple of days sitting doing nothing and being alone, they had double booked and we were not able to have the suite we had booked. It was a disappointing night during which we were compelled to sit with the owner in his loungeroom and make conversation instead of being on our own enjoying a second honeymoon. Extremely disappointing. A real let down. So we didn't stay the second night. We went to Beechworth where Cheryl at Barnsley House welcomed us with open arms and gave us plenty of sympathy (we'd also had some car troubles), good tucker and was generally a wonderful lady. Our room was beautiful, cosy and had everything we needed. Our final night was in Benalla at Belmont House where Bill did a terrific job of looking after us with silver service style. It was a perfect end to the holiday.

We did so much while we were away. John and I are like that - we like to hop in the car and see where it takes us and what we can find. He's good at driving and I'm a good navigator so we are the perfect match. We saw Annemieke Mein textile art at the Sale Gallery; churches everywhere we went - some nice, some gaudy; 19th century gaols, courthouses and various other buildings; stunning views in the High Country; about 18 patchwork shops (grin); went on a ghost tour of the Beechworth Asylum; bought lots of books; and took over 250 photos which I now have to scrapbook. I wrote a journal while we were away so I wouldn't forget anything - 2,000 words a day (times 10 days).

So what's been happening since our return. So much I can barely remember. I've been sick twice and had a few days off work, only a cold and throat infection, nothing serious. John has broken a toe and been hobbling around with that. My daughter has had an interview with a bookbinding company which feels positive and I hope she can gain employment in that field very soon. I've been editing and proofreading someone else's book therefore I have not been writing my own.

The Maria Challenge Quilt has been selling well as it was mentioned on the Southern Cross Quilters chat group, prompting interest. I was interviewed by a wonderful young journalist from Melbourne Weekly Eastern and she wrote a good article about me which came out in the paper last week. I've been booked as a speaker for the Geelong Patchwork Guild on 19 September. And as another way of marketing myself I have joined Facebook. So if you want to chat with me there please feel free.

I have made big plans for the next few months of my writing career and have decided upon 3 October as the launch date for my second book in the Australian Challenge Quilt Series, The Elizabeth Challenge Quilt. Keep watching my blog for updates as they occur. Cheers for now.