Friday, 30 September 2011

Laura Ashley side one

What a difference 2 days makes. Whilst I probably should be attending to my writing, I chose to spend my time with this Laura Ashley quilt. From earlier posts you may recall that a friend gave me a double stack of genuine 1970s Laura Ashley charm squares. I decided, after a couple of false starts, that I would make a double sided quilt. This is the square in a square side now completed. I am very happy with the floating effect.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sashing for my Laura Ashey quilt

I managed to grab an hour this afternoon to cut some sashing for my Laura Ashley quilt and sew on the cornerstones. The rest of the day was spent phoning all the patchwork shops in Adelaide to chat with them about my impending visit to that City of Churches. Everyone was so nice. I am really looking forward to my break. Seeing Adelaide will be one of my goals marked off my bucket list.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Christmas Presents made

Four little bags were finished by the end of the weekend in readiness for Christmas. I had so much fun going through my stash looking for fabrics that were appropriate for each of the intended recipients and extra fun going through all my button jars searching for the perfect finishing touch. I have my own button jars, Mum's buttons and my Nanna's buttons in the original jar and tin. They are so much fun. Unfortunately my daughter was horrified at the thought of inheriting them all. Hopefully she'll change her mind one day.
 This was the first bag. The tiny spots of yellow in the fabric led to the addition of the yellow teapot. A yellow heart adorns the other side.
 This was the last one I made and I chose touchy-feely black velvet buttons that add a nice element of texture.
 The paisley actually has metallic gold in it which has not shown up in the photo. The buttons were wooden ones, in the raw!
I wasn't sure how this one would turn out because the pattern repeats on the fabric were a large distance apart but the result was very pleasing with most of the pattern on this side and all blue background on the other, giving the bag a front and a back.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Keeping the Hands Busy

I haven't been an angel when it comes to keeping my resolution to stay away from computer games, but I have been trying to change my habits. Having a bit of crochet on hand has made it easy to pick up and occupy my hands when I might otherwise resort to playing a game. I have been working on quite a few things lately. Pics of finished items coming soon.
P.S. Sulking over - will probably self publish my children's novel within a year. Am tired of playing the mainstream game.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Manuscript rejection

Harper Collins just rejected my manuscript -
Prattle House 1415
I always feel a little bit beaten up when I get a rejection.
Will sulk overnight only.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Confession and Resolution

I need to confess that I am addicted to computer games. Last night I did a bit of a tally on how much time I spend playing computer games and I was horrified, then I was angry with myself. I won't share the figure, but I have to admit that I could achieve so much more with my life if I wasn't wasting a good chunk of it. Perhaps the reason for my addiction is fear - fear of success. It's a big hurdle because it means stepping out of my comfort zone. I feel sure there are many readers who will associate with this.
Now I will make a resolution (and how many resolutions do we all make and break, but I'll make it anyway) - to value my time and to use it well.
After all - life is way too short, isn't it?

Monday, 19 September 2011

Lemons into Lemonade - Coathangers

Recently I made an error in judgement when I bought a particular wool because I loved how soft it was. It was not suitable for the intended projects so I needed to think of something useful to do with it. Eventually I struck on the idea of covering the new coathangers we had bought at the supermarket which were covered in a slippery satin-like fabric. All the clothes were slipping off them. Now they are all covered in this beautiful soft wool. I have covered about two dozen in the last couple of weeks. And I have had fun rummaging through my ribbon tin looking for suitable pieces of leftover ribbon to add that finishing touch. It has been a nice little distraction from working on big quilt projects.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Laura Ashley charm squares

One of my patchwork friends had a number of stacks of Laura Ashley charm squares which she gave to each of us in our group. We received a stack about 6" high with 2 sets of charm squares containing 4 pieces of each print. These fabrics are genuine 1970s Laura Ashley. What a gift, considering today's retro craze.
Initially I wanted to make mock cathedral window blocks using black, thinking that would pop the bright colours out, but after making a couple I was not happy with my work or the effect and gave up on that idea. One of my friends was making hers a two sided quilt using the square in a square block and it turned out so well I copied her. Half way through I decided I wanted to do something different with the second set of charm squares after seeing the windmill block in a magazine. I have now decided that one side will be square in a square and the other side will be windmills and both will have white sashing. Now I need to get white fabric to go with the old Laura Ashley. Stay tuned.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Black Dahlia quilt

I have been withdrawn and self absorbed for many months and am not sure I'm ready to plunge back into the public eye but here goes. Recently I promised someone I would put up a photo of my Black Dahlia quilt (pattern by Michelle Yeo, see and somehow it is always easier to do something for someone else than it is to do it for yourself (does that sound familiar to you?). I hope you enjoy the quilt. I've made a blue one and a black one, and I have material for a red one, which is on this year's bucket list. Running out of time ...