Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Learning to let the little bird fly

It's nearly a week since my baby girl hopped on a plane and headed for Germany. It was a very emotional time, having been sick with a cold, busy working the Craft Fair, doing talks and fitting in the 'paid' work I also do. So I suppose the emotions were everywhere. I didn't go to the airport, prefering to say goodbye and go to work just as we would on a normal day.
We had major communication difficulties during the first 24 hours, meaning we did not hear of her safe arrival as soon as expected. We still can't receive texts from her, but we have facebook and email working.
All is fine her end. She has had to deal with travel sickness, missing the tour and a booking not being made as she thought it was, but has come through with flying colours. And all this in a country that speaks another language. Thank heaven for those wonderful Germans who speak English - I applaud you. You make people feel welcome in your country.
The first couple of days my girl was away I felt sick in the stomach, constantly. Letting the baby bird fly from the nest is not as easy as I thought it would be, but I'm glad it has happened, because now she is soaring like an eagle. The world is her oyster (mine too, for that matter) and she is grabbing it with both hands.
I'm so proud.