Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New quilt being developed

It never ceases to amaze me how much time passes in between my posts - usually double what I think it is. Another two weeks have passed, and admittedly I've been sick with a bad cold that I still have two weeks on, but boy! does time fly!
Today's photo shows the process of understanding the construction of the quilt I want to make and calculating my fabric requirements. I do not have any 'actual' measurements of the tessellated tile floor I wish to replicate so have begun with a 12" central block. I then got into a bit of difficulty working out how big it would become when I only knew the measurement of the hypotenuse and had to pull out some high school maths skills to figure it out. Even now, I'm not sure I have a handle on it. My theory is, that if I post here regularly with updates on this quilt, I shall actually get it done, because I'll feel accountable. So here goes ...

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

BESS - my latest art piece

This is my latest piece, also my final piece, for school this year. We finish classes this week. My work is inspired by Queen Elizabeth I of England (reigned 1558-1603). The shape of the piece imitates the strong V shape of the bodice as portrayed in her later portraits. Lace features heavily as the invention of starch in the 16th century allowed the large ruffs to become fashionable and the lace industry flourished. The strip of lace on the left edge is hand crocheted by myself, and the other strips of lace are machine made pieces I've had for 30 years. Along the edge of the lace strips I have sewn beads reminiscent of the pearls that featured so heavily in paintings of Elizabeth, and larger beads nod to the mass of other jewels she wore. Portrait miniatures were very popular in Tudor England - I have used an old fob watch case to create my own miniature with a picture of Elizabeth therein. As we have been learning free motion machine embroidery I have included my attempt at a Tudor Rose using the free motion technique and washaway (not without much difficulty). Finally the string of pearls looped across the piece can be seen in many of Elizabeth's portraits where she is depicted with 'ropes of pearls'. Mine came from broken pearl necklaces that belonged to a maiden great-aunt who hasn't been with us for 27 years. Here is a closeup:

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Senini Student Textile Award

Today was the announcement of the winner of the Mary and Lou Senini Student Textile Award at McClelland Gallery. I did not win, sadly, but my work is on display in a wonderful gallery for the next two and a half months for everyone to see, and that makes me rather happy. The experience of entering the award has been quite eye-opening, and as a very new player in the art world, I can only be proud of my achievements that I am being exhibited alongside other artists who have a great deal more experience than I. Here is my work in perspective alongside the other works.
I'd be very interested to know what people think, if they feel inclined to leave a comment.

Wandering in Fitzroy

Yesterday my daughter and I wandered around Fitzroy (an inner city suburb of Melbourne) where all the trendies go and shop, be seen, eat and drink. Amongst the graffiti on a wall I noticed this little door pasted on and had to share it with you. I wonder who lives inside? ><
Then we came across this sign, in fact there were several, posted on trees down the street, offering various positive life elements. My daughter took 'patience' but I didn't ask her why. I'll observe what happens with her over this next week. Perhaps she needs patience to deal with her customers, who provide endless stories of stupidity. 
I notice I didn't share my really big news, which is that I have been selected as a finalist in the Mary and Lou Senini Student Textile Art award at the McClelland Gallery. They are announcing the winner this afternoon, so in a few hours that's where I'll be, hoping for the best outcome. I'll return to my blog tonight to share the result.