Wednesday, 9 July 2014

1000 Flowers for the Planet - #240 Easy Brake, Easy Accelerate

1000 Flowers for the Planet - #240 Easy Brake, Easy Accelerate

Once you’ve hopped behind the wheel of your car, being nice and gentle with the feet on the pedals makes a much smoother ride for you and your passengers. More interestingly, it saves on fuel. Driving in an erratic fashion, braking hard and taking off hard from a standing start are all contributing factors to using more fuel and giving you less bang for your buck – or is that drive for your buck. When you take things smoothly you get better fuel economy, saving you dollars at the petrol/gas pump. The planet will also benefit from a reduction in fuel usage, reduced carbon emissions, and probably from a ‘calmer’ driver. It’s one of the small contributions each person can make, which when multiplied by the number of road users can equate to big impacts.

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sundraparipooranan said...

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