Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Textile Art Course, Drawing Class

I have returned to school this year, to study Textile Art. This is something I have wanted to do for years (was on my bucket list) and now it is happening and I'm loving it. Drawing is the first class for this semester. I haven't drawn for nearly 3 decades yet I wasn't frightened about getting back into it. Our teacher is wonderful and very encouraging. She would have us draw every day and that is my aim - to make sure I spend some time every day with my visual diary, drawing. I find when I do sit to draw I enter another world, I become calm and serene, and exist only in the moment. It makes me feel good.
My talents are not great. Nothing comes easily to me but I'm not displeased with my results.
The following was an exercise where we had to draw using only straight lines. I confess to a little trouble getting things to sit where they should in relation to each other.
 For this exercise we blackened the whole page with charcoal and then had to take 'off' the black, using a kneadable eraser, to produce the image by concentrating on the lightest areas. I hated this task as I was doing it, and did not like the method at all, but have to say, of all my drawings so far, this is my favourite. How weird.
 This drawing came from a simpler exercise which was  to draw what I saw using charcoal, looking at the dark areas for heavy shading compared to the light areas.
 I like the contrast of the very dark and very light areas.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Busy with Amelia

I haven't blogged for ages because I've been so busy working on The Amelia Challenge Quilt, trying to get it ready for readers who have been desperate to read the next installment. My head has been down and my tail up! Meanwhile, I've had sample chapters printed. These will be sent to shops who stock the books, so customers can read the first chapter without damaging the actual books (are YOU one of those people who bends covers in bookshops?!!).
This past Friday I had orientation at Box Hill Institute. I have begun my Diploma of Textile Art and am SO excited by it all. I will keep you all posted on my progress. The only homework so far is computer work. Nothing to share there.
I do want to share with you that Amelia is, in my own opinion, the best book yet. I have enjoyed writing it, and my characters have really surprised me with what they're getting up to. You'll love it!