Sunday, 9 November 2014

1000 Flowers for the Planet - #348 Make Your Own Clothes

1000 Flowers for the Planet - #348 Make Your Own Clothes

If one good thing came out of the Global Financial Crisis it might be that young families began making their own clothes. This is particularly true of young mums with a sewing machine who have found pleasure in taking a length of fabric, cutting it into the right shapes and sewing it together to create something nice for their child to wear. There is a huge community of these talented women on the internet, who blog, chat and share via this modern method, giving them literally an entire world of information and advice that their ancestors never dreamed possible.
Apart from sewing circles there are also knitting and crochet circles as these two handcrafts have found their way back into the home and the hands of clever, talented people who have almost made knitting and crochet as extreme as any snow sport out there. I love what they’re doing, with bright colours and snappy patterns. Love it!
Making your own clothes and clothes for others in your family is a good way to save money, and sewing skills can be extended to repairs and remakes, putting even more money back in one’s pocket. It also ensures traditional crafts from centuries past are preserved for future generations, so long as we pass on the skills. Some of these handcrafts are particularly cultural, with patterns and techniques unique to certain areas around the globe. It’s good to be continuing these traditions and keeping them alive. Mother earth also benefits when better made clothing lasts longer, creating less landfill, less waste of natural resources and lots of appreciation for what one has.

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Susan Rowland said...

And just think, you can have a piece of unique clothing that no-one else will have. You'll never run into an identical outfit at the races, a fancy function, even at the shops!
There's also something innately satisfying about making something for someone you care about, whether that's knitting them a jumper, hat or scarf, or your daughter's formal gown or funky PJ's in your grandchild's favourite colours or characters. Plus, they know YOU MADE IT ESPECIALLY FOR THEM! :)