Thursday, 6 November 2014

1000 Flowers for the Planet - #345 Make Your Own Fly Repellant

1000 Flowers for the Planet - #345 Make Your Own Fly Repellant

For many people, fly sprays are a total nuisance to sensitive noses and some of the commercial options for being rid of flies are not particularly attractive. Nor are they wonderful for the planet. Try making your own fly repellent. Here are some ideas from the Internet: a bowl of crushed mint leaves, or ¼ fill a jar with sugar, add a drop of dishwashing liquid and water to half level. This will attract flies and wasps that become trapped and drown. There are lots of ideas floating around. Have fun trying them out and see which one works best. Maybe the trap depends on the type of fly. Here in Australia we have a good variety of flies from tiny ones to rather large blow flies, which are okay in the great outdoors but never welcome inside the house or at the barbeque, where spraying chemicals over food or kitchen benches/countertops is never desirable. Kick the habit of using commercial fly sprays and have some family fun coming up with your own homemade repellent or fly traps that get rid of the nasties without adding anything nasty to the planet.

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Susan Rowland said...

How about Mozzie Repellant? Desperate.....