Saturday, 15 March 2014

1000 Flowers for the Planet - #148 Utilise Your Local Library

1000 Flowers for the Planet - #148 Utilise Your Local Library

Have you been to your local library lately? It’s a great place, not just for books but for music as well. They have everything from children’s picture books, teen novels, adult fiction, non fiction on any topic imaginable, large print, music CDs, sheet music, magazines, reference material, computer access, local and family history and so much more. And it’s free!! Everything they have at your local library is free to look at and a lot of it can be borrowed and taken home for a while. You can find a spot to sit and read a book for a while, catch up with the news with the latest newspaper, take your laptop and do some research or stroll around the shelves perusing the books available for loan. You can also obtain assistance from your friendly librarian, who can help find what you’re looking for or put you in the right direction.
How does this help the planet? The library provides the means by which items can be used by multiple users. Instead of buying magazines or newspapers you can read them at the library, saving resources and preventing extra paper having to be recycled. Borrowing music CDs means you’re not purchasing plastic that you may eventually put into landfill. And you never know who you might meet – I attended a wedding last year for a bride a groom who met at their local library. Now isn’t that sweet.

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Susan Rowland said...

I LOOOOVVVE our local library! In addition to all you mentioned in your blog, ours also has jigsaws for loan (not put thru' their loans-computer, you can have them as long as you like!) and I often borrow audio-books for listening to in the car and when my eyes (but not ears/mind) are occupied. Hubby used to play his playstation & xbox games (sound muted) while I knitted or cross-stitched and we listened to dozens of (unabridged) books that way. My librarians know me by name! :)