Thursday, 4 September 2014

1000 Flowers for the Planet - #287 Find Our Humanity

1000 Flowers for the Planet - #287 Find Our Humanity

When you watch the news on television, it’s hard to see ‘humanity’ in the humans that are portrayed in each news item. War rages everywhere, and if it’s not actually bombs and bullets, it’s cruel words and damnation. Let’s find our humanity once more. Maybe some synonyms will help: compassion, brotherly love, fellow feeling, kindness, consideration, mercy, leniency, benevolence, charity, generosity, tenderness. It’s time to start thinking about how we treat each other, no matter what our race, colour or creed – to think of these words and apply them to our actions. We need to find our humanity towards all the other creatures on this planet too – mind how we treat pets, wildlife, marine animals, and the environment. Ultimately, if we can find our humanity, we’ll give ourselves better lives.

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Susan Rowland said...

Live by the words : "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you".
Be kind to others and they may be inspired to be kind also.
Great flower & suggestion, Marg.